All Shops I Self-Assigned + Everything Done in App Last Night = GONE!

1 year 0 Paige_15157937709668 1

Hi everyone! I am a very new shopper -- I haven't done any assignments yet with this company/app. I signed up just a few days ago and sat down last night and filled out my extended profile and then self-assigned a couple of simple website assignments. Today, when I sat down to complete the one scheduled for today, I logged into the app and everything I did last night was GONE.

Of course, I didn't write down any of the information on the jobs I self-assigned, so I'm not even sure who to contact. I emailed a contact person for a similar job hoping it was the same coordinator, but I really have no idea.

Has this ever happened to you? How did it get resolved?

1 year 0 HeatherAnnie 54

Did you verify that these were actually under your "assigned shops"? It may be that you just requested them, and those requests were not approved.

1 year 0 Ivan 673

Hi Paige,

Yes, Heather has a good point - you should quickly verify that shops are actually under your "assigned shops" when self-assigning, to make sure they are actually there. Also, make sure to request them for the desired date (at first, I've self-assigned accidentaly for the current date, and of course, tomorrow morning the shops expired and got unassigned automatically).

If you are sure they were there, and they are missing, you can try opening a support ticket to iSecretShop, and get the most reliable info on what happened and/or what your next steps would be, just make sure to provide as much info as you can when you do that.


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