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I can't find the information...but do we receive anything for W2 purposes from isecretshop? Thanks

1 year +1 Ivan 673


iSecretShop is only a software company that serves as a job board for shops - iSecretShop does not post shops nor pay shoppers, so any documentation received would have to come directly from the MSPs that you did shops for. So, in short - no, I don't think so :)

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Ivan is correct. You'll recieve it directly from the company who is paying you. Usually they email you asking where to send the paper copy and if you would like a PDF version as well.

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Being an independent contractor you may be required to fill out a W-9 (a W-2 is if you are an actual employee). I also suggest you apply for an EIN number and use that in place of your social security number. It is free and available through the IRS website.

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