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App is unable to get my location. Is there a fix?

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Error Loading Location is an error you get on the app or mobile web. This happens when you do not have 'location services turned on' or when you do not allow the app (or mobile browser) to use location services.

You will frequently see this error because the app uses your location to find available shops, geotag your assignments etc.

To fix this on iOS - go to Settings->Privacy Settings ->Location Services. Make sure Location Services is on and turned on for iSecretShop.

I hope this helps!

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Location is turned on and app has rights. Android Phone

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If that's the case and you're still receiving the location error, you can try a couple of things:

-Make sure that the address that you have listed on iSecretShop is a valid one, and entered correctly (so that it can be recognized by the system).

-Make sure you are using the latest version of the app (You can log out of it, uninstall it, and reinstall from the Play store).

If you are still getting the error message after that, I suggest opening a support ticket to iSecretShop, and informing them of this. Make sure to state exactly which device you are using, when does this occur, and which staps have you already tried in order to attempt to resolve this. Attaching a screenshot of the error message usually helps too.

Good luck!

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Ivan is right - I had the same problem and downloaded the newest version and that fixed it.

Another reason for getting the error is if you are loading it through a browser instead of directly through the ISS app. I was getting to the app through a Chrome bookmark for the first while and Chrome was blocking the location. I downloaded the app directly onto my phone with an icon on the home page and that fixed it.

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