Problem with profile photo

1 year 0 Lorena_15172921373002 2

When I upload  it doesn't show the pic like my license did when I uploaded it, imageimageit just has the .jpg name and a file that looks folded in the corner. I have resized it all the way down to 25%. Each time a message pops up asking me to open or save a new file...ill include a pic if it will let me. I thought well maybe its a size issue so I snapped a pic of the pic with my phone like I did with my license, as it uploaded fine. I did that still get this pop up at the bottom of my browser....please help! Ok couldn't upload pic, asking for a script prompt????  ill try to copy and paste....grrr couldn't do that either.

Ok so I cant show a pic, but its asking me if I want to open or save a file with a bunch of numbers.json I have never heard of that file extension....someone please help me...thank you!

1 year 0 Tara_NJ 124

Did you upload the photo from the app or a browser? I'd try the app first (that's how I uploaded mine) and if it doesn't work, try through a regular web browser. Good luck!

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