THere is placeholder text in the achievement badges page.

2 years +1 Alexandre 1

I don't know if I caught it unexpectedly, but there over the "achievement level" banner, there is placeholder text.

2 years 0 Ivan 673


Can you tell me what specific "placeholder text" are you seeing? What did it say? And where exactly did you see it?


10 months 0 Barbara_15352055045010 4

"Hello" fellow Mystery Shoppers, Im really new to Mystery Shopping and all of this stuff Im really excited about finally becoming a Fanstaic Mystery Shopper and I striving to be the best Shopper I can be. Is there any suggstions anyone has to help me? I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank

10 months 0 MFJohnston 315

Good Morning Barbara!

  1. Always read the guidelines well before performing a shop.
  2. Always complete shops to which you are assigned. Not fulfilling assignments is bad, bad, bad.
  3. Always turn in high quality work. Fudging answers is a great way to never get assignments again.
  4. Always admit to mistakes. You are going to make them. Own up to them honestly. and, when possible, fix them.
  5. If you are going to do much shopping, you want a separate checking account for it.
  6. If you are going to do much shopping, you want an email address just for mystery shopping.
  7. Some of the most lucrative mystery shopping assignments are not advertised online at all. Once you are well-established as a great mystery shopper, MSC's just might start calling and emailing you with great assignments.
10 months (Edited 10 months) +1 Barbara_15352055045010 4

Thank you for your post! Iam very new to Mystery Shopping, and yes "I" have made alot of mistakes ,and I do try fixing them whenever possible. I love working as a Shopper and Im going to give 100% so all of the advice Iam able to recieve from all ypu "Fantastic", Shoppers, Iwould appreciate it very much.

9 months +1 Ivan 673

That's a great attitude to have Barbara! You can find quite a bit of tips and advice on the following forum thread, so you can check it you if you want to :)


9 months 0 Barbara_15352055045010 4

Thanks! I will check it.

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