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.Hi folks ...

After you have submitted a shop, it goes into a PENDING APPROVAL section. But at the bottom of the shop there is an orange button that says UN-FINALIZE.

Does anyone know what that means?

Also, how long after submission should you expect to IN REVIEW or similar?

Many thanks from a newbie!


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Hi Stephen,

That button is available on some (most) shops, and it allows you to "unsubmitt" a shop after you have already finalized (submitted) it, returning it to your Assigned Shops, so that you can make corrections to it. It's quite useful if you complete your shop in a rush, finalize it, and remember that you forgot to input a piece of info, or to upload something, etc.

As for how long it takes for a shop to be reviewed and approved, that can vary wildly, depending on the shop in question. Some shops go through several levels of review and editing, and could take a couple of weeks or more to get reviewed, while some get done within hours of you submitting them.

As an unwritten rule, most monthly shops are done in the first week of the month, so shops tend to take longer to get reviewed then, simply because of the volume of the shops that editors have to go through, but it should be a too significant increase. As mentioned, the biggest factor is the type of the shop itself.

I hope this helps! Good luck on your new shops!

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