Typo in the SecretShopForum.

2 years 0 Nora_14999088846742 1

Hi, just to let you know, there's a typo a missing letter 'e' in the section of the Terms for SecretShopForum, in the paragraph which

asks for the members to report questionable posts.

2 years 0 AndrewW 8

Thank you so much for calling attention to that! I have alerted the team responsible for the forum and expect it to be addressed and resolved promptly.

Have a wonderful night!

2 years 0 Brenda08 1

I made a mistake in signing my name. Can I change my sign in name so that I can remember it???

2 years 0 Ivan 673

Of course - in the upper right part of the screen you will see a "Profile" tab with a drop down menu when you click on it - on that dop-down menu, simply click "Account Details" and there you can change your forum username, and also passowrd if you want to.

I hope this helps!

10 months 0 Monique_15355497513725 1

How do you do this...

10 months 0 Ivan 673

Hi Monique! What exactly are you having problems with? Updating your profile info on the forum?

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