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On the eve of 3/5/18, I had difficulty using iSecretShop on the web (site would not load sections intermittently) to make my report. I switched over to my iPhone (current with all updates). Access was great but I was unable to edit sections (correct typos) and I was not able to see what I was typing. 

I advised my contact for the shop, her reply is below. 

**No. I received over a hundred shops and there were no other IC’s that had anything to say about issues on the site. If there are errors I will have to send back to you right now to make corrections.**

The following day I was able to make corrections to the report using my iPhone but still not able to view the comment section as I was typing. 

Curious if anyone else has this difficulty using an iPhone?

Thanks and have a mysterious day

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Allison: At one time I had difficulty getting the app to open on the iPad , when it would open easily on my Android phone., but not the issue that you had. Do you know if the version of the app is the latest one?

Perhaps it could be an issue of needing an update.

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Hi Alison,

The first thing to try when having issues with the mobile app is to log out of it, then close the app (double tap home, and swipe up on the app icon to close it). Then open the app again, and login. This usually takes care of any cache issues that might occur.

If that doesn't work, you can try uninstalling and then re-installing the app from the App Store - this will ensure that you have the latest version of the app, and that any potential problems with the previous installation are gone.

If you still get the same issue, you should open a support ticket for iSecretShop, explain the issue in detail, list which device you're using, what have you tried to do to fix the issue, which exact shop and category are you trying to edit, and attach a screenshot or two - the developers can then look into it in more detail, and resolve the problem if they find a bug.


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Yes! It's always behaved that way on my iPhone, when the keyboard pops up to type a report or comment in a section, the field moves up so you can not see what you're typing. And I have a brand new, extra big iPhone with a newly downloaded app, so I know it's not outdated equipment. I generally just use the app for pictures and submitting when I've arrived at my location, and answering yes/no questions, before going online and completing the text portions.

You're not alone. :)

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