I forgot to add all my receipts to a shop.

1 year 0 Richard_15137209386026 1

I realized this after I turned it in. I turned in the missing receipts to the company involved. Does Survey Merchandiser have an e-mail address to rectify future mistakes.

1 year 0 HeatherAnnie 54

If you realize your mistake before your report has been reviewed, you should be able to click "unfinalize" under your Assigned Shops / Submitted Assignments.

Under the guidelines for any of your shops, there should be the contact information for the scheduler.

1 year 0 MFJohnston 319

MSC's very much want to get your work approved. As a general rule, even if you are not able to immediately rectify an error (though you should absolutely try!), rather than rejecting your shop, the editor will ask you to fix the error and send the evaluation form back to you. it is imperative, if this happens, that you respond in very short order, correcting the mistake.

1 year 0 Alison_15197985168153 3

Contact your scheduler ASAP, before or after the shop or before or after submission of the report, if any issues arise. They can resolve most issues. :)

1 year 0 Patrick_15178940317986 74

Yes, very good info.

I had some problems arise on a shop and was able to contact the scheduler and resolve the issue in a few minutes.

They are very helpful and glad to hear from us if we need anything to complete a shop.

When in doubt, call in..you can't go wrong...

1 year 0 Ivan 673

I agree completely with everything you guys said! :)

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