Not paid by MSP

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If I won't get paid by MSP, what am I supposed to do?

The MSP apporved all assignments, they are 10 days overdue and not paid. I emailed them twice but they ignore them.

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If the assignment has been approved and is in your log, you should be getting paid. It is possible that a client might reject a shop, but the MSP would then generally let you know. First, you and the folks who run the MSC are all human. Mistakes do happen. Before going further, I would check the following:

* What is the status of the shop in your "Payments" log?

* When did you complete the shop and what is the company's policy? Every MSC has their own payment policy.

* Companies can pay by paper check, PayPal or Direct Deposit. Especially if they pay by check, there can be a delay of several days after they cut the check before you receive it. How does this company pay?

* Is your payment information listed correctly online? Does this company require that you fill out tax forms before sending you payment?

* Whom did you email? If you emailed the scheduler, you might not have much luck - they are often independent contractors just like shoppers are. Most MSC's have a separate contact for accounting needs. Consider looking for the company's website online and calling that person directly.

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That's excellent advice MFJohnston - I agree completely!

If the status of your shops on the Payments tab is "un-paid", then the payment was not made by the MSP, and there are several usual reasons for this:

1) Shop completed too recently - not scheduled until the next payment cycle.

2) No PayPal email address on file in your Extended Profile

3) Independent Contractor Agreement not signed for this MSP

4) No W9 form (if required) on file with the MSP

Make sure to check all of these, and if you're sure it's none of that, contact the MSP (use their primary email or phone, rather than contacting individual schedulers, as MFJohnston said).

If the status is "paid" but you still haven't received your money - contact them immediately. This can happen if for example you enter the wrong PayPal email address on your Extended Profile, so the Payment gets made to the wrong PayPal account, or, if a check/deposit didn't come through yet after being made.

If, on an off chance, an MSP tells you they can't pay you due to their own issues (financial or otherwise), or are ignorring your emails/calls completely - open a support ticket for iSecretShop to inform the management team about it. iSS doesn't make payments and is not an MSP, but the management team would definitely want to be aware if something like that is happening, and to address it with the MSP in question.

I've personally never heard of this happening on iSS, as all MSPs that use iSS as a platform are held to quite high and strict standards, so all shoppers are adequately compensated for their work.


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To clarify, if the shop shows “not paid” on the payments tab, that should mean it hasn’t paid yet, correct? Or does it mean it was denied payment?

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It means that it hasn't been paid yet. If you check after the date that you are supposed to be paid, it should be changed to "paid". If your shop was not accepted, you should receive a message from your scheduler informing you that your shop was denied.

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Also, most MSP pay about 30-45, maybe even 60 days after shop is completed. Often, they do not list a specific date for payment, so note the date the shop was "accepted", then count the days from there. Oh, and this can mean Business Days (only Monday-Friday, not weekends). Check with the MSP on that one, too.

Hope that helps.

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Regina, Norm, that's very helpful, thank you!

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