Is there something I fill out after completing the phone shop?

11 months 0 ProudArmyWife 2

Is there a form or anything that I fill out during or after phone shops?

11 months 0 CABZmom 8

You can use the app to enter most responses. I find it useful to enter my longer narratives via laptop and desk top. Too many keystorkes works much better for me on a conventional keyboard vs. a small touchscreen anything. So the job itself has all of the form for input that you need, regardless of using the mobile or desk top version. And if you did not finish yet, as a newbie laways reach out to the scheduleal

11 months 0 Ivan 630

Yes, exactly - every shop on iSecretShop has a shop form(report) that you should fill out - and it can be done from a computer or a mobile device. You can find them on your Assigned Shops page when you login to iSecretShop.

I hope this helps!

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