Listening to phone shops

2 years 0 Amanda_14996046722927 1

I just completed my first phone shop! I am wanting to listen to my phone recording to make sure I answer my questions correctly. Can anyone explain to me where my phone call recording is located? I emailed my scheduler and he showed me a snapshot of my recording being uploaded and ready to submit, but I would really like to listen to my conversation.

2 years 0 aeodell 1

You can normally find your phone recording on your shop. I think it is only available on the computer. It would be found above the start and end times for the shop.

2 years 0 Catherine_15007475484721 2

im not sure why but phone shops always make me so nervous! I would rather go in a place of business any day than do a phone shop. Crazy, I know!

2 years 0 Carol_15006751954195 4

Amanda, I just ran into that problem. Finally my scheduler sent me that infernal picture, but there was a link under her message that took me to iSS, but via Goodwin (instead of going directly to iSS-mobile). Only then could I scroll down and see the exact picture that was shown. Aarrgh.

1 year +1 James_15024326288725 3

Hi Catherine,

I average doing 20+ phone shops per month and the first one can be a bit frustrating. I started by running through my scenarios with my cat. He's a great listener and seldom interrupts. If you don't have a pet or a willing listener try the scenario while facing a mirror. You'd be surprised how quickly you can lose the nervouness and gain in confidence by watching yourself. I hope this helps your confidence in doing phone shops.

1 year 0 Lori_15053966052739 3

Can I do a phone shop in a state other than the one I live in?

1 year 0 Ivan 673

Hi Lori,

You absolutely can - those have no geographical restrictions whatsoever.

1 year 0 Tiffany_15157881888854 2


I have found a few phone shops that have a restriction to residents of that state. I was a previous resident but was afraid I would be disqualified and not compensated if I did the shop and was not a current resident.

1 year 0 Kimberly_15310299676450 1

What do you do if you didnt understand what they were saying ?

1 year +1 Norm 168

Hi KImberly,

If you do not understand what they are saying, complete the call as best as possible, then contact the MSP immediately. Do not call back the place for the shop as they might suspect you are a mystery shopper. All of the phone shops I have done contain these directions. But, do contact the MSP and get their advice on how to proceed.

Good luck.

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