Recording calls when required - question

1 year 0 RobinC 4

Hi - have a quick question...

I am interested in some of the shops where you call first to place an order (or whatever the requirement) and you must record it.

what do you use for this?

I can put my phone on speaker and use my iPhone to record but there are probably apps for this?

any suggestions or advice?

thank you!

1 year +1 MFJohnston 268

You will not need any equipment at all! The platform will take care of it for you. You’ll call a special number and be given a code. The call will then be placed and recorded. It’s super easy.

1 year 0 RobinC 4

Thank you very much!

I saw the mention of a call code so i was wondering if that was the case - this is super helpful...! Thanks again.

11 months 0 jamiescoffee 2


i saw this post and was hoping someone could answer my question regarding video/ recording equipment. How do i get this or is there equipment out there that I can purchase which would offset the lower pay do to loaned equipment

thanks anyone

Jamie Sewell

11 months +1 MFJohnston 268

Hi Jamie,

The standard video equipment used for hidden video shops is the PV500 button camera. Dan at Greyhawk ( is very familiar with shopper needs and can help to set you up. Note that it will be an investment of about $400 to get started, so you want to make sure that you are willing to commit to doing these shops before investing. Once you become known as somebody who does high quality video recording in your area, you will be sought out by MSC's looking for help. My investment has paid for itself many times over.

11 months 0 Ivan 659

That's very useful MFJohnston, thank you!

6 months 0 Juan_15413555742322 3

im new to this however, looking at the pay and how long it takes to be paid is kind of a turn off. Nonetheless I'm at the stage of my life where I want to build as many revenue streams as possible which allow me to work from my computer and in a mobile capacity. I don't mind making investments. Can someone tell me after making an investment in a hidden camera how much will that increase the income amount per job??? Thanks in advance. Juan

6 months +1 MFJohnston 268

Juan -

I primarily video shop. If you are good with the video equipment, you will find yourself working for companies with which you don't yet have contact (they find you). Pay is often double non-video shops, with half the work.

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