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I'm new to this site and am having difficulty viewing phone and web assignments through the app. I have read and accepted the contract and the date has been approved. However, unlike the other "available shops (in person)", they do not transfer over or show up on the " assigned shops" category.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks.


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When I first started with ISS this year I had trouble getting phone and web shops as well. They are not self-assigned as are the other available shops. Phone/web shops are requested and the scheduler will assign a shopper. The first couple are hard to get, but once the scheduler gets to know your work they get a little easier. These are quick and easy shops so there are a lot of people that want them.

Keep checking the web site and put in a request for the earliest date possible. This will improve your chances of getting them. Keep trying and don't get discouraged. They go fast!

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Thanks, David!

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I am new to the company and the industry and am a little confused on one of the requirements for phone/web shops. While on a phone shop you are required to record the calls and am unsure how the company wishes this portion to be completed? Are we supposed to purchase the equipment to plug into our phone and record on our own equipment, or is the equipment provided by the company? Any suggestions or information would be greatly appreciated.

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HI Robin,

iSS has a system in place for us to use. When you are assigned a shop that requires a phone recording, your guidelines will give you a specific phone number to call and code to use. You'll dial the number and, by putting in the code, the iSS system will place the call to the target location and record the call for you. You will be able to listen to the recording when you enter the shop record on the iSS site.

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I'm having some issues with phone shops because I'm getting conflicting information on available dates. It says shops are available between 6/6 and 6/13, but when I click on any of these dates I'll get "Shopper assigned on 6/6, please have 1 day between shops" when I click the next day it's "please leave (3/7) between shops." When I click on 6/13, it will say, for example, "Shopper assigned on 6/15, please leave 3 days between shops" which doesn't make sense with the dates for the shop.

So basically it won't allow me to pick ANY date but still says the shop is available. Help?

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Paige -

That's fairly common. The MSC needs multiple shops conducted over a period of time and is required to have them spread out a little. However, the system does remove the shop from the board once it is no longer possible to pick any more dates. If you email the scheduler, s/he might have the ability to schedule you for a date that is not available through the system.

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Ditto. I'm not sure the app is legit or not

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I’m having trouble getting signed up for the phone/web shops. A message pops up for me to sign the terms and use for MSP , but I can’t this anywhere.

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You have to sign the contract and agreement with the MSP before you can accept their phone shops. Also, phone and web shops are VERY popular. Best way to get them is to request all of them, that is for the same shop, then you might get one. Contact the scheduler and MSP about the problem with the popup window. Maybe they can assist. If not, contact iSS via the ticket system and explain the issue. They can also help.

Thanks for reading.

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