11 months 0 Samantha_15105093797545 2

How do I apply for a job as a scheduler or editor?

10 months 0 Ivan 639

Hi Samantha,

You can try emailing the MSPs and checking if any of them has an opening for those positions. Alternatively, there are job boards and freelancing platforms like Upwork or others, where there may be job postings for those positions.

10 months 0 Efe 6

I have been asking same question myself. I really want to be more involved , not just conducting a few shops here and there.

10 months 0 MFJohnston 260

You all will find that as MSC's have needs for schedulers and editors, they will send emails out to their established shoppers announcing the job opening. Overall, they like to hire folks with whom they have an established relationship as a shopper. When they get into a fix, they might announce such openings on mystery shop forums.

9 months 0 Efe 6

MF Johnson,

I just hope I receive one of such emails soon. In the meantime, I just got approved on Upwork. Thanks to you Ivan, because I only knew about that freelance page two days ago from reading your post to Samantha on this thread. Perfect timing!

9 months 0 Ivan 639

That's awesome! I'm glad I could help!

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