Notifications for Shop Acceptance

9 months 0 MFJohnston 236

I just utilized the ticket system with this question. However, I am wondering if others are experiencing the same issue.

I just got an email from an MSC owner voicing frustration that I was not heeding his request that I alter my routine on a shop I do regularly. The difficulty is that I had received no such communication. As it turns out, he was putting his feedback into the email that was notifying me of shop acceptance. Unfortunately, I do not receive any such notifications. I just checked my profile and do not see a way to turn such notifications on or off. (ALL my notifications are "on.")

Is this just me (i.e. perhaps I need to take another look at my profile settings). Or are other folks not receiving such notifications?

9 months 0 Norm 168

Notifications should show up in 2 places. First, the email that the scheduler or editor is sending you that notifies you of the accepted shop -- their input will be At The Top of the email when you open it to read. Afterward, then the general, generic Congrads etc. email content will be listed.

The second place you will find the notifications is on the main webpage of iSS when you first login. It's that area where iSS has listed their announcements, etc.

I believe that is the only 2 areas where you will find this. They might be listed as Alerts too.

9 months 0 Ivan 630

Norm is correct - and if you aren't receiving the general emails which notify you of accepted shops, perhaps it has something to do with your email inbox - if it picks up iSecretShop emails as spam, there's a great chance that they will end up in the Spam or Junk folders.

9 months 0 MFJohnston 236

I figured it out after multiple exchanges with both my internet provider and iSS... Apparently, just over a year ago, I had inadvertently marked an iSS message as "junk mail," which shut off all auto-generated email from iSS, so iSS was not sending me any such messages. I have to change my email address on file with iSS.

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