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1 year 0 Julie 2

Just curious how you can get assigned the phone and Internet shops. There are always several thousand listed. Yet every time I request them I never get any. I don't have trouble getting them anywhere else but here. Just wondered what I was doing wrong? That's why I love self-assign. When I choose it,it's mine.

1 year +1 Tara_NJ 146

Hi Julie, I know I just apply to as many as I can, and typically get assigned a couple. But sometimes I don't get any at all. And other times I get assigned 10 of them. I honestly believe they are assigned by:

1) fitting shopper profile needed

2) experience in these types of shops

3) availability aka what day you requested it, usually the earlier you request it the better chance you'll get it

But that may not be entirely true, it's just my assumption based on my experience thus far. Good luck to you!

1 year +1 Norm 168

Yes, those shops are very popular. But keep plugging along. As Tara_NJ says, the earlier the better on requests.

1 year +1 Efe 6

How come all the shops phone shops are always already assigned for every day? If they are no longer available, they should not show up as available phone and webshops. It just gives false hopes in my opinion.

1 year +1 Ivan 673

Hi Efe,

As Norm said, those shops are very popular - dozens of shoppers can request each one within hours of it being posted, so as Tara said - usually the earlier you request it (and for the soonest date) the better chance you'll get it.

Stay persistent, and best of luck!

1 year +1 Julie 2

Thanks. Requesting is my least favorite. I had a bad experience with requesting shops when I first started. My error as a newbie but I learned quickly. Write everything down, and check back often. I completed it on time, just had to fit it into a very long day. Lessons learned.

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