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I'm trying to finish a shop but the form won't allow itself to be edited. There's a red circle with a bell that visually "rings" - is that related?If not, what's the bell mean? I've sent an email to our SS question place with no answer for over 24 hours. I emailed the originating company for the shop so I hope to get an answer tomorrow but it will be 2 days late then, so I probably won't get paid. (It really sucks that you spend your own money and can loose it if they don't approve the shop. I've spent a bunch already and haven't made a dime!) Can somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong that the shop won't let me edit it?

Thanks bunches, I'm paniced!

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Hi Jody, sorry to read about your troubles. I have never had any problems editing any form or report for shops I have completed. In my mind, there could be an issue with the website at the time you are completing the report, or if using the mobile app, perhaps with your phone location, i.e. wifi reception.

Otherwise, your report cannot be edited once submitted for approval. You can un-finalize for a short time if you forgot something or need to include an item, but once it goes to "in review" status, its a done deal. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

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wait!!! You spent money to do this?

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