Editor requests changes, but I see nowhere to re-enter

2 years 0 Carol_15006751954195 4

Please, someone tell me how to get back in to the report. It just tells me the report is in process, or something like that. I see nowhere to click to amend my survey. After all the work I've done, I'm afraid they'll take it away because I can't get in. I have been sending messages about how, have not heard back yet.

1 year 0 Christine_15007816751326 1

I'm new to this particular mystery shopping platform, but I noticed that if you click on "Assigned Shops" from a computer (don't know if this works on a mobile device) you can scroll down to see your submitted shops and you have the option to "Un-Finalize". Granted, I'm not certain what clicking "Un-Finalize" will do, but that might allow you to make further edits.

1 year 0 Judith 7

Did you click Complete or Finalize? If after finalizing your shop, you're given the opportunity to un-finalize if you made a mistake. Also, if you see sections within the shop show Complete, you can still edit. It may show as "6 of 6," meaning that you've answered all questions. You can still go in that section to edit. I do this quite often. Sometimes right after a shop I enter on my phone to get it down while fresh in my mind. Then I go home and edit for grammar and spelling. I save a copy for my records. The sections show as complete but I haven't submitted.

1 year +1 Ivan 673

Yes, as Judith said - if you have not finalized your shop report, you can always make changes. If you have finalized your report but you still want to make some changes or add something, you can "Un-Finalize" if the report is not too overdue, or you can email the schedulers and ask them to return the shop to you so you can make the changes you want.

1 year 0 Susan_15021474239452 6

I am having the same problem! I had received an alert telling me to make a post call and to get back in correct the problem I not only cannot make the call I've tried twice, the recording is saying it does not recognize my shopper ID number I also can't get back in to the instructions or questions to see if I missed something. I know the instructions had told me to read the instructions first then to make a call , and this is what I did. I have a feeling that I not only spent money I did not have to spend in the first place but gas that I really did not have to burn,I have this feeling I am not going to get paid! And if this is the case (AND I HOPE IT IS NOT)I will never shop for this company again! I cannot get them to return my calls I cannot get them to answer my questions which tells me that they are not reading my messages apparently or they would be answering my questions they're just letting me hang I am very very disappointed! And if I do not get paid I guess the only choice I have is to get ahold of the company that I did to see if my report was given because if it was that means they are not only getting paid they are also getting paid for something I did. Seriously we all know that they get more than we do but we're the ones that does the work and for them to not pay us that little bit of money is really really disappointing for one lousy question that was supposed to be not answered and I still say that it did not tell me to do a post call but I cannot get in to read the instructions again if I am wrong I will own up to it!

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