Trouble uploading my profile photo and photo id to app extended profile

1 year 0 Jesse_15307797513907 1

every time i try to do this after i choose the photo to upload app automatically restarts and doesn't complete action. i have repeatedly done this and have been unsuccessful in completing my ext profile as the same thing keeps happening. Still 100% new to this app.

1 year 0 Norm 168

I, too, have had the same problem. It won't load the avatar. The picture just remains blank, and the system doesn't even provide an error message. Anybody else had that problem?

10 months 0 Ivan 673

Hey guys,

If you are still having the same issue, I suggest opening a support ticket for iSecretShop, and letting the devs know. Just make sure to list all details - which exact steps are you taking, exactly what happens, attach the photo are you trying to upload, clarify if you are trying to do it on a mobile network or a public/private wi-fi network, etc.


7 months (Edited 7 months) 0 Michele_15032031952719 107

Maybe your picture is too high quality for the website.If you use one with a lower amount of megapixels,it migtht succeed in uploading.

Maybe your internet connection is too slow--that is another possibility.

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