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i have quite a few shops under my belt with several MSP’s besides ISS. I’ve gotten paid from other places but ALL shops I’ve done for ISS read “pending” as far as payment goes.

Can someone please help explain this to me? I’ve turned in W9’s when requested. Am I obligated to sign one for each company?? The ones I have already signed and turned in I still have yet to be paid. I’m starting to get a bit frustrated. Why do some companies make you wait so long for your money when they demand you to turn in your shop on time or you will have a strike against your name??

Ive noticed a few companies even say it can be up to 60 days before your paid. What the


I would like to see input on this subject from some seasoned shoppers! Thanks a million for your time.


1 year (Edited 1 year) +2 Norm 168

Hi Lauri,

I understand your frustration, but most MSPs with iSS take about 30-45, even 60 days to remit payment. Each MSP has their payment schedule and requirements listed in the contract you sign with them. Not all of them require a W9, but some do. It's their policy on how they operate, and will probably continue to be that way.

As I said at the beginning, it can be frustrating, and when I started shopping, believe me I was not a happy shopper, but then I changed my way of thinking. I realized that I had money coming into my pocket "in the future". Not a gold mine, but a nice panning stream that I could look forward to, especially in between those other hard earned paychecks. Since then I have no problem of when getting paid happens, because it does.

Finally, the "pending" part is the period from the time your shop is accepted by the MSP until you are paid. It is basically the time period (30-60 days) from the "Date" your shop was accepted. Sorry, but that is how the MSPs on this platform operate with payments.

Hope this brief information helps you. Continue shopping, and you will get a nice stream of "a dinner and a movie". Have fun and a great day.

1 year 0 Lauri 8

Thanks Norm. This does help. And your right. You must control your way of thinking and don’t worry about things beyond your control. Money coming in ahead is always a nice “relief.”

Thanks again!


1 year 0 Ivan 673

That's a great way of thinking Norm, and thanks for sharing!

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I received an email from iSS saying that I may be owed payment (but to check my records) & it pretty much listed every shop I did for April & May. I did, in fact, get paid. But when I look at my payment history, it shows, "pending" even though I already got paid. Do you know what that is? Who is supposed to mark that it got paid? The MSP? Thanks.

1 year 0 Norm 168

Hi Dawn,

I would suggest contacting iSS by opening a ticket and letting the support team investigate it. Try that as step one. iSS should be able to direct elsewhere if they cannot assist. Hope that helps

11 months 0 Dawn_15212588682316 30

Hi Norm - thanks. I just looked again & now they are all reading Paid 7/16. I was getting paid all along, it's just that they weren't marking it paid. I will write up a ticket if it happens again. Thanks!

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