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11 months 0 Cathy_15335185339109 2

where are jobs listed? I cant find location?

11 months +1 Norm 168

Login to iSS and on your main page, you will see Available Shops and Web and Phone Shops in the left hand column. Click on each one of those and you will see whatever shops are available in your area. Hope this helps.

11 months 0 Ken_15290231949518 1

II recieved emails that there are new shops but when I log on I'm showing no available shops. My neighbor gets new shops. Am I being banned? What do I do? The only shops I've done are for a local grocery chain. I've had issues with them before but it NEVER affected my shops. I'm thinking an employee might have figured me out and complained they knew who I was.

WWhat do I do?

11 months 0 MFJohnston 319

I've seen shops listed for which I have not been eligible.... However, I have not seen shops for MSC's for which I have not signed the ICA. Have you gone to the list of MSP's and verified that you have signed all your ICA's? Another possibility: is there anything in your profile that you've marked that might make you unable to do shops? For instance, if you have marked that you don't do apartments, you might not see announcements for new apartment shops. Etc.

After checking those, I would see about emailing the MSC's for which your neighbor sees job postings and you do not. If that doesn't work, PM Ivan (on this forum). He's an iSS administrator and can sometimes look that sort of thing up.

11 months 0 Tara_NJ 146

Hi Cathy, we're you able to find more available shops? If not let us know maybe we can help. Good luck!

11 months 0 Ivan 673

Hi Ken,

There can be various reasons why the shops that you were emailed about are not on the Available Shops page:

  • Some shops have specific requirements such as age or gender, and if you do not meet those requirements, you will not be able to see the shops on the Available Shops page or do them (for example, you can only see and do some shops if you are 21-27 years old).
  • Some shops are posted in large numbers, and when a certain limit of scheduled shops is reached, the rest become "hidden" from the Available Shops page, as no more can be assigned.
  • Some shops are in very high demand, and it happens that they are already picked up by other shoppers by the time you login and check the Available Shops page.
  • Sometimes Mystery Shopping Providers restrict shopper profiles from accessing their shops, in case they do not wish to work with a specific shopper, and in that case all shops from that MSP will be hidden to that shopper.

In any case, for the most accurate information about any shop's availability and/or reasons why you might not be seeing some shops, please contact the MSP that posted them, and their schedulers will provide you with answers.


8 months 0 angela_15404949957273 1

Hello I read on the forum that there are more shops aside from the ones listed on the site. Does anyone know any of the names/links?

8 months 0 Ivan 673

Hi Angela,

The Available Shops page and the Web & Phone Shops page on iSecretShop will display all the shops you can perform via iSecretShop.

There are numerous MSPs that operate outside of the iSecretShop system, but since they don't offer the same benefits of operating on this platform, and since this Forum is created by iSecretShop specifically for iSecretShop shoppers, you would have to look for information about them elsewhere. I suggest checking out other mystery shopping forums in that case, as there tends to be more information on external sources/providers there.


8 months +1 MFJohnston 319

Angela -

Check the MysteryShopForum... It is nothing more than a conversation board, but it does have a list of links to hundreds of mystery shopping companies. It's probably the best place to find out about companies not affiliated with iSS.

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