HELP ,,suggestions?

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Wanting to find some reliable Secret Shoppers Companies in my area, of Connecticut,,Looking to do some mystery shopping and make some spare money and have fun doing it,,

Any one have any suggestions,,for me?

Thank you in advance,,


Cromwell,CT / Berlin,CT area,,

1 year 0 Judith 7

I recently found this helpful Facebook group, Shopper Scheduler Editor Connect, Also, you can try the member list on the MSPA website.

1 year 0 Ivan 673

Hi Donald,

There are over 20 different companies (mystery shopping providers) posting their shops on, you can see all of their shops that you can do in your area (or search a different area) directly on the available Shops page once you login :)

I hope this helps :)

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Hi Donald,

You can try the MSPA site where they list their member MS companies. You can sign up on many sites through them and be assured they are all legit.

I hope this helps!

1 year +1 Wassim 56

Hey Donald

If I may be bold and "correct" your thought process by saying: " You want to find mystery shopping OPPORTUNITIES in your neighborhood" opportunities vs. companies.

Many companies have opportunities all over, some are even international.

So, to do that all you need to do is:

A) Visit the MSPA and the IMSA web sites.

B) Sign up will the companies on these lists. As many as you want.

C) The schedulers will contact you when something close to you comes their way.

You can also launch your own search via these MSP's web sites/Apps and see what is around you, and ask for the assignment(s).

This is the reason MSPs exist. The clients go to them, and we, ICs, go to them and the circuit is closed.

Hope this helps...

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