Associated Minors

11 months 0 Nichole_15343738875427 2

I am wondering what the benefit would be for adding my son to this. Thanks!

11 months 0 Tara_NJ 146

I didn't know that they ask for your kids information. Where do they ask for this? Thanks!

11 months 0 Ivan 673

Hi Tara,

In Canada, there is an MSP that posts shops which are performed by "associated minors" - children (of a certain age) of registered shoppers. Their profiles are created by their parents, and connected to their parent's account - this is done by clicking on the Associated Minors link on the left side of the homepage on

I'm not sure if those shops can be performed only by the associated minors or if their parents need to accompany them on the shops - if you're interested in finding out more, I suggest contacting Intouch Insight, as they are the only MSP that is currently utilizing that system, and I believe it's only in Canada, but I could be wrong.


10 months 0 Nichole_15343738875427 2

I am assuming it may be related to tobacco and alcohol purchases. I will contact them to ask and will post the reply :-).

10 months 0 Tara_NJ 146

Ohhh ok! That's interesting!

9 months 0 Norm 168

That is interesting. I think I'll contact them myself follow up on this. Thanks for the information everyone.

8 months 0 Crystal_15409686152567 1

The associated minors is for attempting to purchase tobacco products. Not sure about alcohol as I have not received a shop for that. And yes, parents do accompany them.

7 months 0 Ivan 673

Thanks for the info Crystal!

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