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That's too bad Michele. I find iSecretShop to be the most fun of all the companies I deal with and I've done several thousand shops to date. The suggestion about the pictures may be for the validator. Look at each section you entered and it should tell you if it is complete. If you did it on the website on your computer it should say something like 5 of 5 complete, 2 of 2 complete etc. Find the one that is missing something and go to that section. If they are all complete, check your start and end times to make sure the date, time and am/pm are all correct.

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Photos are flagged to check time on them.The time is automatic from my device.There is no way they can be incorrect.

Okay I got it finalized after all.I had accidentally put PM for the start time.But the site said nothing about the start time appearing to be after the end time.Maybe iSecretShop can take some pointers from Ancestry.com?

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Once you get used to the site and what is required it becomes really easy to enter the shops. I love the phone app and being able to enter all my shops on the road!

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Hi Michelle,

There is no need to worry about those error messages at all - those "Photos flagged" messages are there for shoppers and editors to make sure that the photos of the location exterior/interior (or other photos that have to be taken at the exact time of the shop) were indeed taken at the appropriate time, to serve as proof of visit. They are not relevant in case of photos of receipts, business cards, brochures, pages, or other printed material, as those can be taken at home at any time.

Those "Photos Flagged" messages could never prevent you from finalizing your shop report - other things (like incomplete answers, incorrect shop times, etc) can, so like Wendy said - it's always good to check if any answers are not complete, and if the start/end times are incorrect.

In 99% of the cases where shoppers are unable to finalize a report, that's the case - usually PM and AM are mixed up, or the wrong date is accidentally selected, etc.


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