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10 months 0 James_15359660729323 1

I was wondering what the current shopper score is?

10 months +1 Ivan 673

Hi James,

if you are referring to your own personal shopper score, that number is not displayed anywhere - instead, it is reflected in your Reputation badge level, and it's progress towards the next level. Simply put, you increase it's level by gaining shopper points, which is done by successfully completing shops (every shop done gives you a fixed amount of points), by completing courses on iSSprep, and by doing Opinion Polls on iSecretShop.

I hope this answers your question!

9 months 0 E_15337113985821 6

how does shoppers points work? I got -35 points and lost all my badges after unsigned 3 jobs today.

9 months 0 Ivan 673


The shopper points system is quite simple - for each successfully completed shop, you gain shopper points. For each cancelled or declined shop, you lose points.

If your score is positive, it will not display as a score - you will be seeing your badges instead, as they are a more accurate and simple representation of your experience. If your score is negative, you will not be seeing the badges, but instead the exact sore (among other reasons, to help you keep track of how close you are to getting your score back to positive).

As soon as your score is positive again, you will be seeing all your badges (they haven't disappeared, they just won't be showing up while your score is negative).

I hope this provides some clarification.


8 months 0 Nicole_15413926693206 2

What are The badges used for? Do you get rewarded for them?

8 months 0 Bryan_15225466818795 6

I've been looking for the answer to this as well. What good are the badges? Do you really get more opportunities with the more badges you have, or is it just "trophy" system?

8 months 0 MFJohnston 319

It's up to individual companies to determine if they care about the badges. I pay little attention to them. However, the more shops you complete successfully, the more shops you can self-assign. I only shop a little bit on iSS - I primarily shop for companies not affiliated with this platform. However, I have done enough here to be able to self-assign five shops at a time (which is all I every really need/want here). There are folks who can do a lot more.

8 months 0 Ivan 673

Badges can have various practical benefits, I'll list of them here:

  1. As MFJohnston said, the more shops you complete, the more you can self assign. This is a consequence of leveling up the Reputation badge, which increases with with amount of shopper points you get, allowing you to self-assign more and more shops.
  2. Obtaining a certain level of some specialty badges for specific types of shops will allow you to bypass the self-assign limit altogether on some shops. For example, if you have Price Audit badge at level 2, you'll be able to self-assign dozens of specific price audit shops at a time.
  3. Some shops can be setup by the MSP to require shoppers to have a specific badge to be able to see them and apply for them - this allows MSPs to only offer their shops to shoppers that meet their criteria.
  4. When you and other shoppers submit a request for the same shop, for the same date - they will look at your and their badges, and decide based on that who to assign the shops to.

These come to mind now, although there is probably more :) iSecretShop is always looking for ways to improve, and reward the active and reliable shoppers, so if you have any suggestions on what can be added to this, feel free to post :)

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