Secret shop out of state?

7 months 0 susan_15329783073768 4

We are going on a long RV trip. Can I find and preform secret shops out of state? Thanks, Susan

6 months +2 Ivan 639

Hi Susan,

Of course - the Available Shops page on iSecretShop allows you to search for shops by city, state or a specific zip code. Also, if you are using the iSecretShop mobile app, it can show you available shops near you current location, wherever you are.


6 months 0 Norm 168

Shops are available all over the US and Canada via iSS. Don't know about the rest of the world yet?

6 months 0 Ivan 639

It's still only in the US and Canada, but plans for international expansion in the future are definitely there :)

6 months 0 Sue_15389723275154 2

Are there any restrictions against a US citizen doing a shop in Canada? I live near the border...

6 months 0 Ivan 639

I don't think there should be any - you can always check with the MSPs that post shops in Canada.

2 months 0 LINDA_14996614317791 52

Hi Susan,

Yes, you can shop in Canada. I live in Canada and do shops in Florida when I go to the beach house. Have fun on your trip!


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