WaWa needs more variety

2 years +1 Scott_14998748698721 1

In my area, I have a ton of Wawa shops. I can go to almost 20 Wawa’s a day if I really wanted to. They have a morning time, afternoon time, and an evening time slot. However, no matter when the shop is you always must order the same thing. Turkey on white with, mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, sweet peppers, and oregano. I dream of the day they allow some more variety in their shops.

Anyone else in the same boat as me?

2 years 0 Mike_15000789105912 1

I would like some other options, sure. For some reason they want to keep it consistent across locations I guess. But I think month-to-month they could switch it and that would be nice

2 years 0 Paul_14997267808306 5

I always went to WAWA and never ordered anything "detailed" from the sandwich bar. They make good sandwiches. I buy that now even when not on "assignment"

2 years 0 Ivan 747

Hi guys,

I do recommend that you send that feedback to the MSP in charge of Wawa shops, as I'm sure they'll appreciate it, and might contact Wawa as their client to let them know - ultimately, it could lead to better, more diverse shops for everyone!

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