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What happens if you accept a job, go to the location and it is permanently closed. Do you still get paid?

7 months 0 Ivan 659

Hi Deondra,

This depends on the shop itself - for example, when it comes to those popular cellphone shops, there are literally tens of thousands of locations in the system (updated every few months), and those stores constantly close, change places, relocate, etc - every day. Therefore, the guidelines on those shops have very specific instructions to prevent shoppers from going to a closed location - shoppers should first find the store on the official carrie's website (store locator), then call the store phone number listed there to verify the address and hours - if the store is not found on that website, or if they can't be reached by phone, shoppers should contact the schedulers right away and NOT proceed with the shop (nor enter anything in the report). The shop then gets canceled with no points penalty, and the location is removed from the system.

On some other shops, where the number of locations is smaller (restaurants, car dealerships, etc), and all locations are generally expected to be open, you should still contact the schedulers and let them know if this happens, but there might be some compensation involved in that case.


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Ivan is correct Deondra. If you ever run into a situation where the location is closed when you get there, notify the MSP. His advice also goes for any other shop. Happy shopping

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Being closed is certainly something to note in a shop.

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Thanks everyone. I saw a shop posted for a restaurant in my area(there is only one of them here) and I knew that they had closed so, I didn’t know if they would compensate for verification/reporting of that info.

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You're welcome!

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I'm new to all of this so I may end up with a lot of questions, but for now ....i am in Oregon & I am getting jobs in other states. How can I correct this? Thank you in advance

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So, you are looking for more work near where you live, yes? (I live in Seattle and venture into Portland with some frequency...)

Some questions for you:

* How close to home are you trying to stay?

* Are you only working with companies on iSS, or have you signed up for others??

* Where in Oregon are you? Opportunities will be different in Portland, Medford, North Bend, Tillamook, etc.)

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