Requested shop no ISS TOU signed,, Signed now the shop not showing

4 months 0 Bern 1

I went do request a shop after reviewing the pre-requirements. The system informed me that I had not signed the TOU. So I NAVIGATED there and signed. When I went to the available shops area, the shop was no long there, the only other shop in the list was remaining, I accepted that and it shows in my assigned shops list.

MMy question is did the request go through or did the shop just disappear. I am pretty sure is no one else in my area doing this.

TThank you for any help or response.

4 months 0 Ivan 630

Hi Bern,

When you are redirected from the Available Shops page to another page to perform something first (like signing the iSS TOU, or the MSP's IC agreement, or entering some specific info on your Extended profile), you need to return to the Available Shops page to request the shop - if the first shop was not there when you returned to the Available Shops page to request it, it means that it was likely picked up by another shopper, or cancelled by the MSP.


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