Cancelled shop due to discrepancies

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So I had to cancel a shop and as a new memeber I fear the repercussions to my grade. It was my first shop for this agency.

One document stated "Do NOT shop Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday."

The other document stated "CANNOT be shopped Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday."

Since between the two documents there is no apparent good day, I emailed the contact and received an error message from Office 365 that the email was undeliverable. The address is correct. I do not use Office 365.

I didn't want to do a shop and take a chance that I wouldn 't be reimbursed.

What do others do in this type of situation?

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I try to send an email to the scheduler first. I might try to track down the MSP web site for a phone number or alternative e-mail. If time is of the essence, such as a shop to be done that day, I would cancel the shop rather than let it become past due.

1 year 0 Diane_15019726438754 2

Thanks @William_15021200891741

I did cancel the shop, but I lost the few points I had. I didn't think to check the MSP site for a contact number, I'll do that.

Appreciate the help.


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Yeah usually if you are able to contact the scheduler they will be able to cancel the shop on their end without deducting points. I would still try to contact them to let them know what happened.

1 year +1 Ivan 673

Hi Diane,

Contacting the schedulers is always the best idea - they can let you know when the shop can or cannot be done, they can reschedule your shop if needed, or in some cases, cancel it without a penalty to your points.

Basically, you can find their info on a few different places - just look for the MSP that posted the shop, and use that contact info. The MSP's contact information is listed everywhere you see information about the shop - on the instructions, email notifications, etc.

If you can't find who the MSP is, or what their contact info is, you can always open a support ticket in iSecretShop and ask, and you should receive a response pretty quickly.

I hope this helps!

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