How to know how many points or what level I'm at?

7 months +1 Sarah_15494427351901 3

Hello everyone!

I am new and I've just recently completed my first few shops... I have also completed all of the vidoes in the ISS training, including the ones I had to pay for. Now my question is... did that help me at all? I have seen in other threads, that completing the videos help with your points and all. Is there a way to see how many points I have, which level I'm at, how close I am to the next level, which badges I have, ect??? Thank you all very much in advance ;)

7 months 0 Christopher_15497942972635 3

It should tell you on the main page. Have you only used the phone or have you tried the website from a pc or laptop?

7 months 0 Sarah_15494427351901 3

Hello Christopher. I have used the app and the website, but only from my phone.

7 months 0 MFJohnston 328

When using the app, if you tap on your row of badges on the top of the display, you'll see your reputation level - which is as close to seeing your points as it gets - at least once you've attained a couple of levels. I don't see my total "points" anywhere.

7 months 0 Assonta 17

On the Main Page beneath your name called Reputation Rank also in the app.

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