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1 year 0 Judith 7

When I use the mobile site or app, the geographical area seems to be set. I see plenty of shops in Seattle, 12 miles away by boat but 1 hour (and costly) by ferry. I usually set my shops for 40+ miles. It's easy to do this on the full site. Is there a way to change settings in the app or on mobile site?

1 year 0 Wassim 56

Hi Judith

When you press on the Available Shops button, from the main app screen you will find 4 options that you can control:

A) Select Category, is where you can limit what assignments are displayed in the list based on the category you choose. For example if you choose category Parking Facility, then you will not see casual dining assignments. All that is displayed will be parking stuff. Mind you the category list is not alphabetically listed, so you may find stuff scattered around, and you will need to look for these throughout the list.

B) Near Me, I believe this option uses your smart device GPS settings to figure where you are, and serve you assignments in your locality at that time.

C) Near Home, I believe this option looks at the ZIP Code you used when you signed up for your iSecretShop account.

D) Near Other, and I believe this option uses a city, state or ZIP code that you choose. For example if you are traveling to a town, then you can use this option to see what assignment shops are in that town.

I think, and I encourage you, you should send a request to the iSecretShop folks, to add the functionality you ask for, that is let me see all assignments within a 40 mile radius from my ZIP code, or to add this functionality to options B, C and D. I think it is worth while to have that built into the app.

And while you're at it, ask them to sort the category list!

1 year 0 Ivan 673


You're completely right, and thank you for the suggestion! I have actually just opened a request for the development team to look into adding that functionality to the app/mobile site in the future!

Thank you again!

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