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1 year 0 Nikki 2

Which do you like better? iPhone or Samsung?

1 year 0 Shakilla 2

I used Android ZTE Max pro. And I love this phone it's actually a ph-blet. Phone and tablet in one.

1 year 0 Meghan 15

I prefer Samsung phones because I like the customization offered and Android OS. ;)

1 year 0 AndrewW 8

I have both iPhone and Android (Samsung, Galaxy series) and I like them both. I find the iPhone easier to use and a smoother/tighter overall experience. But the Android has some great functionality that is lacking on the iPhone. Both are great devices, but I lean iPhone.

1 year 0 TechSavvy 2

I've had the Samsung Note series for my last four phones. They're great for shops. The stylus makes it easy to jot down notes on a "shopping list".

1 year 0 Ivan 630

I'm a die-hard Android fan myself, due to the functionality and customization options for everything, with a very strong preference for Samsung - never disappointed me so far :)

1 year 0 Michael_14992998273570 17

Android Samsung 7 , compatibility with my PC is paramount. The lack from compatibility between IOS and PC has kept me away from iPhones for years.

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