Am I Deactivated?

1 year 0 Eric_15041064767204 1

I signed on today to see that my points/reputation is missing and that my self assign limit is now 0. I haven't done a shop in a while, but when I did shops, I always completed them thoroughly.

Is this a fluke of the app or did they deactivate me?

1 year 0 Wassim 56

Hey Eric

Its probably a longevity issue. If you had any ratings on the old system that did not transfer to the new system, maybe you can ask the ZenDesk staff if they could help you figure out if the ratings are/will be transferred to the new system.

The fact that you were able to log into the forum and post this message maybe a positive indication that you were not diactivated. You say that it's been a while, what are we talking about months, or years, or...?

1 year 0 Meghan 15

Great feedback, Wassim!


If you have negative points, you are unable to self-assign shops but can certainly still request to complete shops you are interested in. If you would like more specific answers about your profile, please put in a support ticket with iSecretShop by clicking Ticket System from the site or app. We are always happy to help, so please submit a ticket!

Thank you and have a great day!

1 year 0 Sandra 1

This happened to me, too. The last shops I did were about 14 months ago ... there's been very little in my area since then. I'm not sure where to find my points, but my self-assign limit is 0.

1 year 0 Tiana_15271782466288 2

My baby had a 103+F fever the night I was supposed to complete a shop and I had to cancel last minute to attend to my baby. I emailed the scheduler right away to explain the situation. The next day, I received a cold response that I should have called and that I will stop receiving assignments from the providing company. Who should I have called? iSecret (at what #)? The assigned shop? The providing company (what number)? Calling when my baby has a high fever is not the first thing on my mind. It was a Sunday, is anyone on-call 24-7 even if I were to call? His response sounds a bit harsh to me. He could have cared less for my baby's well-being. I had previously completed shops without fail and even have the Legacy, Quality, Reliability badges. So no one is allowed to be sick or they will be kicked off for good even with previous good record? I would appreciate it if someone from iSecret would respond to this terrible experience and interaction with one of your staff members.

1 year 0 MFJohnston 319

Hi Tiana!

I have a few thoughts...

* First, any company (whether secret shopping or otherwise) that cannot be flexible with a parent who has an emergency with his/her child is not one worth your time. Family has to come first. If this truly is the attitude of a particular MSC, you are likely better off without it. Your child will get sick again. Your child will need to go to the ER at some point. Your child's teacher or principal will call you to come in someday. That's parenthood and must be prioritized over any silly shopping assignment.

* If you have done several shops with this particular company (not iSS, but the specific MSC on iSS), it might be worth looking up a contact number for somebody actually in the company. Schedulers are often independent contractors like we are and could very well be operating as such without the knowledge of the MSC ownership. Give the company a call and explain the situation and expressing your desire to continue to work for them.

* No, the odds of anybody responding to a phone call on a Sunday evening are not good. Email is generally a fine way to communicate when a shop must be cancelled - most MSC's prefer it. (Besides, for all you know you could be calling a scheduler in a different time zone and waking him/her up at 2:00 AM!).

11 months 0 Deb_15347128933467 3

I found this thread while looking for an answer to the same problem.

I just logged out of the app. And I logged back in and the self assigned limit just corrected itself. The recent app update must have effected the number.

Reading this thread: