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This app seems very buggy. My most recent bug is when I try to sign up for a shop it tells me I have to agree to secret shop's terms of use. I have searched the whole app and I can't find it anywhere. It's quite upsetting because I don't want to loose this shop and I never had this issue with previous shops. Does anyone have any solutions?


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Have you tried looking in your profile and Provider Contracts & Policies from the Main Menu on the Homepage? If that doesn't work, try contacting a scheduler with the MSP, or try raising a trouble ticket at the top of the Main page of the iSS website.

Good Luck.

My Two Cents Worth.

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There are 2 places to sign agreements, first located in the left navigation pane under iSS Terms of Use (or iSS TOU on the App), you will find the iSecretShop Terms of Use that needs to be signed before requesting any shops. And second, under Provider Contracts & Policies (or MSP Agreements on the App) are the individual contracts for each MSP that need to be signed before completing shops for a specific MSP.

I hope this answers your questions. In the future, please feel free to submit a ticket to iSS directly by clicking on Ticket System via the app or site.

Have a great day and thank you for using iSecretShop!

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