How do I know if my shop has been accepted?

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I'm new to Secret Shop, and completed my first shop on June 8. how will I know if my shop has been accepted? Thanks!

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Hi there! You should have received a confirmation email of the approval. Also, it would show in your online account as a pending payment. Typically, the approval process only takes a day or two.

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Good Morning

If it has been a couple of days and no Editor(s) had called, or emailed, or texted you chances are better than 95% that your assignment report was accepted. Plus you can look in the payment area to see if the shop is listed there that is a solid indicator that you will be paid for your work.

Hope this helps.

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Well it looks like I might have jumped the gun when I apologized for missing the part where I was to make a post recorded call! I did miss that question and I do apologize for that however once I did do the post call there was no questions regarding it I do not see where any payments are pending or anything like that so I do not apologize for being upset! I had to put $20 in gas in my car just to get there and buy something for up to $15 even though I spent a little more than that about double that actually looks like I'm getting nothing back!

But but I can make a bet on it that my report will be sent to the company and somebody will be getting paid for it I wonder who?

I suppose if I do not hear nothing in a few days I will just have to call the company to see if my report has been sent! Even though it's been a very long time since I was a shopper I do know what I'm doing I just missed one question! I think what upsets me the most is they act like they give you a chance to go back in and correct it and there was able to get back in read the instructions make the call there was no questions pertaining to it so what is with that please someone just tell me

I I would like to know how come my shop has been accepted on one end but the MSP has denied to pay me and they will not return my calls I have called them 3 times now asking why my payment has been denied and they refuse to call me back! Looks like I will not be shopping for this company anymore I am going back to the companies I used to shop for! Never ever had a problem with any of them!

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is this company legit?

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Gail -

Yes, this is all legit.

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Absolutely Gail. If you have any questions or concerns, do let us know :)

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