When to start shop

2 months 0 Amy_15958532953611 4

If assigned a shop that has a phone contact prior to an in person shop do you activate start shop during phone call or only after starting in person? Any input would be much appreciated. Thx

2 months 0 Adriana_15959044557650 2

I had a couple of shops that required a phone call before a site visit. I logged my start time as the time of the phone call and the end time as the end of the site visit. I hope this helps!

1 month 0 Amy_15958532953611 4

Thanks for the info. Every little bit helps

1 month (Edited 1 month) 0 Ivan 848

Hi Amy,

In my experience so far, most MSPs require that the shop shop start time and shop end time match the exact time you started and ended your in-person visit at the location, if it's not a "phone only" shop. However, this may vary from MSP to MSP, so your safest bet would be to check with the schedulers - they'll have the most reliable info.


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