Returning Secret Shopper, Tips For Shopper Score

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I used to iSecretShop for years until I had my daughter, but then life happened and I had to stop. However, I've gotten myself in a position in life where I can do independent contracting work on a more day by day basis comfortably. However my score seemed to drop really far, like negative. I've noticed that the opinions build up the score, as well as the iSS Prep exams, but are there any other ways to improve this? I think someone mentioned that if you get contacted by a MSP they can just assign you jobs, one at a time, until your score is in a position where you can self assign like normal again.

Any tips appreciated

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There are 3 ways of gaining points, and 2 ways of losing them. You gain points when your shops are approved, and when you do opinions polls and the courses on iSSprep. You lose points when your shops are canceled or declined.

Regardless of your score, you can request an unlimited number of shops directly in the system, and have an unlimited number of shops assigned to you at any point. A negative score only prevents self-assigning (grabbing shops without the need to request them). The process of requesting shops is the same as with self-assigning, it's just that schedulers first need to approve the shop requests before the shops are assigned to you.

I hope this helps!

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Very helpful thank u

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