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I really hate this site. For example, I have the maximum 109km set in my profile and am set to receive email notifications about any jobs. I look on today after NOT receiving any emails and there's loads of Reikers all over the south of the country inc 3 within my range and yet I am not told about them? Also two Mexican Grills in Essex also. Every time I search some either pop up or disappear despite nothing changing but me pressing the search button. When I put in England, UK only half what's actually there shows up and a minute later the rest appear if I search again. It's bizarre.

I emailed SM's Jennifer about it who referred me to the help section of the site and another Jennifer answered who works for isecretshop. She said putting 'England, UK' wouldn't work as it's too big a range (It does work), said I would always see work from other companies (I was getting Canadian visits coming up last week!) and told me they don't email all the shoppers at the same time or even at all when work is posted. So say a load of hotels go on today. Before this I would assume every SM shopper would be emailed to let them know. Apparently not the case, they only email a certain amount of shoppers and not even at the same time.

Bring back Quest!

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Ten hotel visits for LGH have just gone live across the country for this week 2nd July to 9th July. I am working this week but hope that someone does the same for me in a couple of weeks when I am off and alerts me to the new arrivals. The drought has gone, thank goodness we are back on with hotel stays good luck everyone. Mike

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Good morning

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Hi Michael,

I wonder if you can help me please? Do I search for jobs on this app or somewhere else? When I click on available shops (near me) nothing comes up - but there is no mileage and no magnifying glass!!! Please help. Thank you, Malcolm

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The best way to search for available jobs is via the Internet portal.

You can do this via the App by clicking on the iSS Website icon.

Once you are logged in then you need to activate the Sidebar menu by touching the Blue and white icon which should be in the top Left Hand side on the Menu

Once this sidebar is open you should see an icon that look like a wrapped present (has a bow on the top of box.)

Tap this and it opens the Available Shops menu

Here you can increase the Distance filter to 250KM

Enter a city

Leave the rest as is.

Then Search

If you try this now with FARNHAM as a city you will find a shop.


If you search for ENGLAND or WALES or Scotland you should see all the jobs for those countries.

Try Scotland and see what comes up (two jobs in Edinburgh)

The APP itself has it's uses but it is NOT good for searching unless you go via the Internet as I have just described.

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Hello Nigel,

Absolutely fantastic instructions - thank you very much indeed. A little more involved than Quest, but heyho, that's progress!!!!

My hotel visits can start again - thank you so much, Malcolm

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Malcolm_16230781698629 @ Jul 22, 2021, 12:08:17 PM

Hello Nigel,
Absolutely fantastic instructions - thank you very much indeed. A little more involved than Quest, but heyho, that's progress!!!!
My hotel visits can start again - thank you so much, Malcolm

Well, the August client has been posted and all are gone.

Another client may be coming but they are struggling to get trained staff so are delaying the visits.

Some more bad news.

AFAIK there is no way to get notifications about up to date jobs on the board, so you have to look on a frequent basis.

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Hi All, more restaurant visits have just gone live in the Maldon, Colchester and Newmarket areas, if anyone lives out that way. Hoping for some hotel visits soon. Please alert if anyone spots any, I will do the same as well. #NomoreI'malrightJack

Hotel visits just went live within the last hour. Good luck everyone. Warrington. Hull. And a few other locations. LGH Hotels. Let me know if you spot any others.

As usual it looks like it’s down to me to let you all know that a few LGH hotels have gone live and lots of Rieker shop visits. Hope one day someone keeps me in the loop. Good luck shoppers Mike.

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I've given up. Manually checking every day is a ridiculous way for a system to run. Every time I look it says nothing available. I don't get any notifications so as I never see anything I can never update anyone.

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Yes it’s a very poor system not having notifications. Checking from time to time either means completely missing out or for the lucky few getting some good visits. Totally dated system in comparison to other companies.

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