How will I get paid.

6 months 0 Shylo 1

It never asked me for my banking info. So I have no idea how I will even get paid. Please help?


6 months 0 Simone_16141064346393 2

None ask for banking information. They ask for your PayPal email and they pay out through that!

4 months 0 Gislain 2

Personnal or professionnal paypal account?

4 months +1 Brandon_16401048139069 1

Some companies wait up to 24 days to pay you. Kinda seems like paying the shoppers is not that important to them.

4 months 0 Shelby_16420176634571 2

The longest wait I’ve seen is 6-8 weeks.

via PayPal

Chelsea _16262204553245
4 months 0 Chelsea _16262204553245 6

A personal PayPal account is all you need. You don't need a professional one.

2 months 0 Mylinda 1

You all get paid? Any issues?

2 months 0 Mabel_here 3

No issues getting paid at all. Some take longer than others. But the companies I deal with usually do their “cheque” runs either once or twice a month. So, depending on your shop date, you might have to wait a little longer if you just missed their cut-off date.

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