New to shops and isecrets.

9 months 0 Tijuan 1

I can't do any ships because it's asking for a PayPal address I've used my email but it won't accept can anyone help me with this?

15 days 0 Michael_14992998273570 21

Many shops are paid to a Paypal account, so if you do not have one, you should open one promptly. It would be a good idea to use the same address that has been given to the shopping organization. That way the link will be established between your work and where the money is sent. I believe it is possible to change your email address associated with your Paypal account, if you already have one in another email address. Good Luck!

8 days 0 Kayleigh_16419494516114 1

Setting upSetting up a setting up a PayPal account is literally one of the most simple things to do. Simply Google how to do it and you should have no problem. If however you still find that difficult in some way you can even search it on YouTube and get amazing visuals that will help you right along to get it done. I might add however that if you do find setting up a PayPal account to cause you some difficulty certain secret shops like ones that involve many different steps that you must complete and document might be overwhelming somewhat.

Have you ever done any secret shopping before? It's really a great side gig, and it's completely flexible as well, which is awesome. Wishing you all the luck on getting things going

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