How to access more detailed information of assignment expectations for open shop

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Hello, I'm new to Secret Shopping and have completed about 4 projects to date and hope to do many more. I need some advice from seasoned shoppers; I'm hesitant to sign up for some of the shops because more often than not, the summary/description of the expectations for the assignment are not very detailed. I had an experience where I registered for a shop based on the summarized details for the assignment, but once I was assigned the shop and was provided with more detailed description, I found that the assignment was a little bit more involved than I hoped for so I cancelled my request and consequently lost some points, which I totally understand, but I just wish I had more details on the shopping expectations before I request a shop assignment; it appears to me that the only way to get more detailed expectations is to first request the shop but then you are stuck with an assignment you may not want. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

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Hey Jeannette!

If scroll all the way to the bottom of the shop summary the last line usually shows the specific scheduler email or contact information. You could try reaching out directly to them to see if you're able to obtain the additional detail that are generally listed after accepting a shop but I believe that information is considered somewhat confidential and withheld so only the shopper completing the assignment knows the expectations and requirements. That being said, they may not be inclined to provided the specifics of the shop.

Think of it like this; you are a secret shopper on the side and you see your everyday job pop up for a shop. You request the info from the scheduler then pass that along to the other employees with the expected date range. The company is then unable to get a true secret shop or audit completed.

This is a bit of an assumption but based on the training and contracts I've read through I believe this is at least part of why we get a basic description until assigned the shop. Never hurts to try though!

Good Luck!

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They usually email what they want you to do.

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i signed a contract and im brand new to this. when do you get the email or when does the assignment details even show up?

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Agree Brian! I never got follow through about assignment? It’s very confusing

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I'm new as well, thanks for everyone's input! Glad to see there are actual active people on here, think I found a nice community!

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I've had that happen sometimes too Jeannette—can be frustrating! I'm pretty new to the app myself. Only advice I really have is to just be super careful what you request. I had a job just this week that I was hoping to do, but once more details were given I had to cancel for conflict of interest reasons. Unfortunately my rank in some badges has gone down now.

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