Bonus added to a shop after I accepted.

4 months (Edited 4 months) +1 Tiffany_16426093045891 1

So I accepted a shop this morning and about an hour later they added a bonus to the shop. Mine doesn't show the bonus. Should I cancel and pick up one with the bonus? Does cancelling a job have a negative effect? I've only done about 5 shops so I've never had this happen so far.

I just took the $3 loss but I'm still curious about an answer to this.

3 months +1 Patrick_16443929416178 4

You can ask your scheduler if they would match the bonus but I would definitely not cancel. You nearly always get a bad reputation for cancellations even if the system lets you reassign the same shop.

3 months 0 Michele_15032031952719 251

I agree. You will probably get a bonus sooner or later.

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