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4 years 0 Lori_15053966052739 3

Can I do phone shops for a state other than the one I live in?

4 years 0 Meghan 15

Hi Lori!

Great question! When you find phone shops under the Web & Phone Shops on the iSS platform, you will see that these can be done from anywhere and do not require you to leave in a specific state, normally. However, there may be cases that require you live in a specific area, but that should be rare. But as always, please read all of the shop details and contact the scheduler if you have any questions, before completing the shop.

I hope that helps! If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Have a great day!


4 years 0 Kathleen_14991789674945 2

One can not use the 800 number in Alaska. Must use the 206 Seattle area number to call.

4 years 0 Lori_15053966052739 3

Thanks Meghan

6 days 0 Danielle_16420860478969 2

How do you record the calls for phone shops ?

6 days 0 Andrea_16285150976846 1
Danielle_16420860478969 @ Jan 13, 2022, 3:15:02 PM
How do you record the calls for phone shops ?

Hi Danielle --

Do you have an iPhone? On my iPhone there is a Voice Recorder app/feature. I've used that for several jobs needing IN PERSON recording.

I've used the recording successfully several times. I have also renamed the recording (if needed) and also shortened/clipped it.

I have uploaded and submitted the recording within the shop platform or, have simply emailed it to my scheduler.

Also, take the time to read all the information and guidelines in your shop.

There may be help and useful guidance within the shop notes.

Sometimes there is a special phone number you are to call first that will prep the recording feature.

When in doubt, contact your scheduler directly for assistance.

Good luck, Danielle!


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