Brand new!

2 years 0 Charlotte_15010963319479 1

Hi everyone! I'm a SAH mom and I've been shopping for a few months now. I've learned so much and I am looking forward to learning more!

2 years 0 Ivan 754

That's awesome, welcome aboard!

2 years 0 Yashica 7

Hello, I have been shopping for a few months and I love the time taken to improve the shopper experience. Being disabled, it's awesome to have something to do that makes me feel like I am contributing to society. Keep up the good work ISS.

2 years 0 Melissa108 19

Good evening! I am also new and looking forward to learning from those who have experience and can offer pointers and tips.

2 years 0 Shirley_15009283761607 1

Hi Everyone! I am new to this and look forward to my first assignment! Any tips or comments will be appreciated!

2 years (Edited 2 years) 0 Melissa108 19


Welcome! Check your profile often for assignments near you or that you are interested in. You can either self-assign or email

If you have not already, I encourage you to download the iSercetShop app and enable push notifications so you are notified of new opportunities in your area.

Happy shopping!

2 years 0 Line 4

Hello, I am a beginner of shopping for Intouch, It seem that everybody talks English here... so I'll will practice with you guys.

2 years 0 Demetrius 1

Hello to all shoppers from everywhere. I am Demetrius from Houston, and I've just started this type of business via another app. I like what I've done so far. But how do you catch the wide angle, entrance, rear of store, and front aisles without looking suspect or drawing to much or the wrong attention?

I'm open to any suggestions, pro tips, neat tricks, anything. I'm always polite as possible, even almost down right apologetic. Just need some tips for those funny looking moments & stares....

2 years (Edited 2 years) 0 Melissa108 19

Welcome, Demetrius!

When you are taking photos of buildings or stores, if anyone asks, just tell them you are a lover of architecture! Or, you can pretend you are taking a selfie but instead of the camera pointing at you, point it in the direction you want to take the photo. I know these are silly suggestions and I'm just being funny. I personally just take the photos very quickly and don't worry about anyone looking. How do they know I'm not just checking my texts or emails?

Hopefully, someone else will have other ideas on how to take photos and remain undetected.

Happy Shopping,


1 year (Edited 1 year) 0 Michael_14992998273570 18

Demetrius. You asked a question about taking photos , and Melissa provided you with a couple of examples, which she called it silly suggestions. However that is a tactic that I often use if the location is busy with a great number of people around. I will often turn and snap the photo with it appearing that I was taking a selfie,, but I have the camera turned the wrong way. I am an old guy, so if anyone ever looks at me funny, I am sure they just say ,'' oh look that poor old guy thinks he is taking a selfie and he is actually snapping the front of the building, Isn t that funny!"

I also will make sure that the sound is turned off,( and that means the phone is on silent AND the volume for all items is placed at ZERO) and the flash is also turned off. You can then snap your pics without worrying about the distinctive 'snap" of the camera or the illuminating flash alerting anyone in the immediate area. that someone has taken a picture.

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