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6 months 0 Stephanie_1974 1

Hi Stephanie from Wichita KS I'm excited

6 months 0 LINDA_14996614317791 59

Welcome Stephanie!

6 months +2 JLW 3

Hi there, Stephanie - welcome! To relieve you of any skepticism: this is a legitimate way to complete tasks and earn money on the side, yes. Much like anything else, you've to invest your time and energy, but it's ultimately worthwhile.

6 months 0 Ivan 659

Welcome Stephanie! And JLW - thank you for the reply, I wouldn't have said it better myself :)

Have a great one!

6 months 0 Elizabeth_15402461973409 1

Hhello Everyone

6 months +1 Tina_15403122773766 4

Hi everyone, Tina from MI

6 months +1 Dawn_15212588682316 30

Welcome Stephanie,

One way of getting more bang for your buck is to plan a route. Then try to do as many shops along that route as possible. I throw everything into my GPS (or you can print from online maps) and then just drive from one shop to the next.

Good luck!

6 months 0 Ashley_15403806118454 1
Stephanie_1974 @ Oct 21, 2018 6:25:50 PM
Hi Stephanie from Wichita KS I'm excited
Hey there! I'm Ashley from Nashville currently residing in KY!

6 months +1 Ivan 659

Welcome everyone! And thanks for the advice Dawn!

6 months 0 LINDA_14996614317791 59

Getting products such as gas is good also. Think of it as a way to save money.

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