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6 months 0 Kristi_15410282872436 1

Hi there.

New member from Canada

How does this work?

How do I keep track of what I've earned?

How much $ do I need to cash out?

Where can I find the page to cash out?

6 months +1 Kristopher 2

As someone using I secret shop I can give you some advice. There is no cash out page. You need to reed the MSP of the client you shopped for. Some clients pay you 5 to 6 weeks after job. Some pay you at the end of the month. Some Pay you on a certain day of the month. When you agree to the MSP it has payouts and how they pay out. I think 99% of all payouts are done thru PayPal.

6 months (Edited 6 months) +1 Tara_NJ 141

I agree with Kristopher. Also, the amount of money you'll make depends on how many jobs you take and what types of jobs. You can make a few bucks or a couple thousand throughout the year. But there's more MSP's than what's on isecretshop as well. Good luck!

Ps- make sure you've set up your PayPal before signing up for any assignments. That way you can get paid.

I forgot to add: you can look up all your pending payments and paid payments on the payment section on the app.

6 months 0 Patricia_15418788923148 1

Im new need a lil assistance please

6 months (Edited 6 months) 0 Michael_14992998273570 18

hello Patricia: Welcome to mystery shopping. I guess the first thing I would say to your one line statement is "What type of assistance do you require?"

But after I said that I would add that a generic statement such as the one you posted does not really help anyone who may be willing to assist you because you have given no one any clue about what type of assistance you require. I would suggest that you do yourself a favor and think about some questions that will truly warrant a response that will provide you with the answers that you need.

That way you will be able to move ahead and start earning money.

To Kristi: Further to what has been offered by Kristopher and Tara, in case it was not clear to you, everything that they said is valid for us Canadian mystery shoppers as well. Your questions though say to me that you have yet to familiarize yourself with the different areas on the site.

if you start and take a look at any offerings that are in your area, you can read some preliminary information on what is expected. If you feel that it is something that you can do and do well, take a chance and bid on it by placing the date that you would be able to do the shop. Once you are awarded the shop and complete the required shiop, you input the results, FINALIZE THE SHOP and then you can track the process where it moves from your in basket to the section where it is under review. Once it is approved it moves into the payment area and then the payment is sent to your Paypal account (depending upon the guidelines set up by the MSP) On the home page there is a cumulative tracker showing dollars earned this year and also a total earned over time.

But the best thing to do is familiarze yourself with the various aspects of the app.

6 months 0 MFJohnston 268

Though I mostly agree with what’s been said above, the possible amounts of money earned shopping are VERY low. I have a full time job and still make $2000 monthly doing this.

6 months 0 Carrie_15420821095735 1

RReally and how many shops do you have to do to get that kind of

6 months 0 MFJohnston 268

It's not just the quantity - it's the quality.

Today, I did two shops - for $300.

Friday I did three shops - for $200

6 months 0 Umair 2
MFJohnston @ Nov 13, 2018 5:05:36 AM
It's not just the quantity - it's the quality.

Today, I did two shops - for $300.
Friday I did three shops - for $200

if I may ask, how much of that is an expense, and which company has shops that pay such a high price?

6 months +1 MFJohnston 268

They were video shops - I posed as somebody looking to purchase a new home. There were no expenses - other than gas. (The two shops were a 3 hour drive). The company is not affiliated with ISS, so I will not mention them here. They are also a company that seeks out its own shoppers, looking for folks who have a proven track record with video shops.

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