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I feel a little silly as a 45-year old being concerned about virtual badges but.......

My shops are generally accepted without comments or questions, and the acceptance e-mail states that I have received points towards my next rank. Quite often the progress toward the reputation level doesn't budge, moves a different amount for the same number of points awarded, and often does not show in the other categories (retail, casual dining, bowling, etc).

Is this what others are experiencing? Is it still that the system is new and not all of the MSPs are participating? Am I as ridiculous as I feel for caring?



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My experience has been exactly the same as yours.

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I have done 6 bowling and bar compliance shops. No badge for either of them yet.

Same with the experience on the points that seem to have no correlation to the ranking progress.

Yeah - I care a little. Isn't that why the badges were created?

Anyone out there have an answer? We're curious.

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Hi Bill, RRD, and Edith

Hum!!! I think you should start a ticket for this issue. Yes the badge system is new, and it is mostly controlled by the MSP staff, so it might be an issue of the staff not knowing what to do, or it might be a system thing. I know I got a badge before they had the artwork ready for it, so for a while I had a white square with nothing in it.

I suggest that you start a ticket, if all is well we will hear about it, and if there is a problem then they will fix it.

Please do start a ticket, at your earliest convenience.

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Hi guys,

Yes, Wassim made some good points. The badge system itself is a few months old, and once setup properly, it's very automated and discrepancies rarely happen. And if you do notice any, please feel free to open a support ticket. Here are a few FYIs to take into account regarding badges:

For the shopper points and reputation badge:

  • Your Reputation badge is a direct reflection of your overall shopper score, which rises when your shops are approved, and drops when they get canceled or declined. These oscillations sometimes cause Reputation progress bar to appear not to be moving.
  • Check the website - mobile devices sometimes have syncing issues, memory issues, connectivity issues, etc. You can always try logging out of the app and logging back in, as well as re-installing it to make sure you have the latest version. The most reliable to check and be sure about something is still from a PC-based browser with a stable internet connection, using browsers like Chrome or Mozilla.
  • When you complete a shop, your score will not rise until the shop is approved by the editors, so give it a couple of days.
  • The MSPs are in charge with setting up their shops in such a way that they award specific category badges, If you think you are missing a badge for a specific shop that you did, please contact the MSP that posted it and ask them about it.

I hope this helps!

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It does help Ivan, thank you for your post.

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You are welcome!

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Hi Ivan

I contacted the MSP and they said it was up to ISS.

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Hi Wendy,

It would depend on the badge itself - iSS is responsible for maintaining the entire system overall, and for "general" badges that are unrelated to specific shop categories, like Weekly Leaderboard, Recruiter, Legacy, and even the Reputation rank.

However, the specific shop category badges - like Fine Dining, Automotive, Service, Retail, etc - those are set up by the MSP when they create the shops - they have to set their shops in such a way that they grant shoppers the adequate badge when completed, and every shop can only award one specific category badge.

If they have told you that iSS is responsible for the specialty category badge, I would recommend opening a ticket to iSS and asking for that to be looked into - of course, try to provide as much information on the matter as you can, so you'd get help right away, instead of being asked a ton of questions first - proactivity saves time :)


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Thanks Ivan. I've done all that. ISS said that the MSP was responsible as it was for price audit badges. The audits are done at gas stations so they are giving gas station badges and the scheduler did not seem to know it was in their setup process. They seemed annoyed by the question so I didn't pursue it.

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