Unable to self-assign shops

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Hi all!

I used to be able to self-assign at least two shops at a time, but now I am unable to even self-assign one. The shops are submitted for review first, and these are the same shops that I used to self-assign before. Has this happend to anyone else? I get them assigned to me anyways, and lately more than two at a time, but just curious as to what might have caused me to not be able to self-assign shops...any thoughts?

I wanted to add that I have two assignments submitted and pending approval and one assignment that is scheduled. I am wondering if this might be the cause?


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I noticed this too. i am no longer automatically assigned shops that I was assigned in the past. I get a confirmation of request instead.

I would also like to know if anyone has any insight on this.


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There can be a few explanations for this:

  1. If the shops in question are the same shops which you used to be able to self-assign but now you can't, it's possible that the MSP has altered the shops in such a way that they can no longer be self-assigned by anyone - you can always contact the MSP to check if a shop can be self-assigned at all. These changes sometimes happen when MSPs want to gain more control of a
  2. If your score is negative (which doesn't seem to be the case here, looking at your badges), you won't be able to self-assign any shops.
  3. If you have reached your self-assign limit, you won't be able to self-assign more shops until you complete the ones that you do have assigned at the moment.

If you believe that none of this is the case, you can open a support ticket to iSecretShop, to get more information regarding your specific case.

I hope this helps!

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I asked a scheduler about this. For some shops where there are several assignments, manual assignment is done to avoid having more than one mystery shopper at a time. Apparently, the system does not take that into to account.

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Ah that makes sense. There were numerous assignments under these shops...

Thank you!

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If you ever want a shop and you can't self-assign, request it and then contact the scheduler. Most of the time they will be happy to schedule you for this job. They do take into consideration factors such as how long you've worked with them, and your points and badges. However, that's not a stumbling block. That's a plus. The longer you work for one MSP the better chances you'll have a being assigned to shop requests. Happy shopping

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That's good advice Norm! :)

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So what happens when your score is negative.

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I'm waiting until April when my cast comes off. I had a few shops scheduled but had to cancel when I broke my right ankle.

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A negative score will make it hard to get shops. You can only get such a score by cancelling shops, flaking on shops, or having shops rejected. iSS will likely prevent you from self-assigning (or maybe limit you to one self-assign shop?). When you apply for shops, schedulers will be hesitant to grant them to you.

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